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PST Conveyors


Ingenious Shaftless Spiral Conveyors 

Why should you consider using PST shaftless spiral conveyors?

Here are some key benefits:

  • PST Spiral conveyors can be inclined from 0 - 90 degrees vertical

  • PST Spiral conveyors convey a greater volume/rpm because there is no centre shaft to take up valuable space

  • Threadlike materials do not bind on a centre shaft – because there is none.

  • They are a fully enclosed and dust free system

  • Long unbroken runs are possible

  • Minimum moving parts – there is only one bearing.

PST Spiral conveyors can be used to convey woodchips, grains, sawdust, screenings, sludge, pellets etc. . .

Quite simply - if you need to move it from A to B then PST spiral screw technology needs to be on your shortlist. You’ll be surprised with three things:

  • How economical they are to buy

  • How simple their operating mechanism is

  • How effective they are

With over 3,500 PST shaftless spiral conveyors now in use throughout Europe it’s fast becoming the number 1 conveyor choice for organisations who want to run with the latest technology. 

Whether you are replacing a conveyor or about to start a new project using conveyors then call us today. We can provide competitive pricing and
technology driven solutions for your project.

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