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California Pellet Mill Co. 

The California Pellet Mill Co. or CPM Europe as its better known has a history dating back to 1883 when it manufactured presses, crushers and stemmers for winemakers. Well over 100 years’ of experience means that CPM’s knowledge of pelletising is second to none.

CPM Europe are specialised equipment manufacturers who provide the industry with the best "value for money" pelletising systems. To achieve this CPM specialises in the supply of equipment and co-operates with local or international engineering companies for turn-key solutions to give you the exact solution for your needs. This unique and clever approach ensures excellent value for money as a result of their equipment offers the lowest cost per tonne with the highest reliability.  

CPM Europe offers a suite of products that range from conditioning systems, coolers, pellet mills, feed cleaning systems, expanders, crumblers and hammer mills – basically a one-stop shop for pelletising. CPM is the largest designer and manufacturer of pelletising equipment in the world.


CPM Europe

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