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Soderhamn Eriksson


Comprehensive Solutions for World Class Sawmills 

There are no problems... only solutions!

Söderhamn Eriksson's ambition is to supply timber sawmills all over the world with efficient machines and systems for the best possible and most profitable utilisation of raw materials. Söderhamn Eriksson is also determined to provide the resources for ensuring maximum availability and machine life.

They offer:

Debarking and Reducing Machinery: Söderhamn Eriksson´s debarking systems are designed to meet the market demands for efficient debarking with high productivity.

Log - Cant Positioning: Söderhamn Eriksson´s rotating system is providing the highest rotating precision, which is needed to achieve maximum profitability.

Canters: Söderhamn Eriksson´s chipper canters are producing two plane faces free from tear-outs and are simultaneously converting the removed material into high quality cellulose chips.

Bandsaws, edgers, debarkers and all your sawmill machinery requirements can be easily addressed with Söderhamn Eriksson's extensive range of timber and industrial sawmill machinery.



The history of Söderhamn Eriksson stretches back to the 1800's. The experience accumulated during the years, along with continual technical development and the ability to satisfy customer’s requirements over time, has put Söderhamn Eriksson into a globally leading position when it comes to offering the market the absolute best. The company’s roots go back to two separate companies
whom both achieved world-wide recognition through their products. Co-operation between the two companies, A K Eriksson and Söderhamn’s Verkstäder, began as early as the seventies and developed into a merger in the beginning of the nineties. The result was Söderhamn Eriksson.

Soderhamn's has been a partner in the construction of most of Australia's major sawmills. Their equipment speaks for itself.

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