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  • Q. What does RTG do?
    A. RTG offers solutions to turn waste into a resource. Our machinery solutions can create a ‘value add’ for waste so that it can be recycled into fuel which can thereby be of further use within the manufacturing and other industry's; the waste is cleaned to reuse in the manufacturing process or briquetted, shredded etc to create an energy source for use in heat or power generation.
  • Q. What is the maximum moisture content wood can have in order to be briquetted?
    A. A. In order to achieve a high quality briquette, the maximum moisture content of the wood is 12%.
  • Q. Can briquettes be customised?
    A. A. Yes. Briquette size and shape is customisable, depending on your sepcific needs. Our round briquettes can be made between 50mm-100mm in diameter. Our square briquettes can range from 60mmx40mm up to 260mmx100mm.
  • Q. What is the production rate for producing pellets and briquettes?
    A. Our machines are state of the art and focused on producing the highest quality briquettes and pellets. Our Briquette machines are capable of producing 1.5Tonnes/Per Hour Our Pellet Mills are capable of producing 4Tonnes/Per Hour
  • Q. Can you shred pellets?
    A. Yes, you can.
  • Q. Do pallets make a good quality briquette?
    A. Absolutely. Pallets make great briquettes provided that their moisture content is less than 12%.
  • Q. What happens to the nails in pallets during the briquette process?
    A. Nails are shredded with the wood during the shredding process. An overhead band magnet is then used to remove all nails before the briquetting process begins
  • Q. Does all my equipment need to be stored in a shed?
    A. No, not necessarily. However, it is important that the equipment is stored in a waterproof environment. Please contact one of our friendly staff for more information on correct storage of machinery.
  • Q. How big are briquette and pelleting machines?
    A. Our machine sizes vary depending on your individual needs. Our Briquetting Presses footprint can range from 1.5-2.5m2 Our Pellet Mill containers can vary between 4m x 8m up to 20m x 100m
  • Q. How can briquettes be used?
    A. Briquettes have many uses both domestically and commercially. Customers have found that the best use for their briquettes are: As a replacement for firewood As a substitute for boiler fuel
  • Q. Is it possible to briquette and recycle dust?
    A. Yes, depending on the type of dust and its moisture content. Please contact one of our knowledgeable staff for more information on briquetting dust.
  • Q. Where should I store my briquettes and pellets?
    A. It is important to the quality and longevitity of the product that briquettes and pellets are stored in a dry environment.
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