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RTG offers unique machinery solutions and consulting services to minimise waste from metal, timber, demolition recovery & other biomass processing to create an energy harnessing resource.


Cleaning waste for reuse in the manufacturing process; timber waste or offcuts to be compressed for energy, waste recycling and management or value-add briquetting to create an energy resource for use in heat or power.


RTG directly specialises in pellet press, briquetting and biomass solutions. This technology as a solution to waste wood fibre in sawmills & forestry operations providing income streams for what would otherwise be considered waste.

Metal waste and oil or emulsion recovery provides direct savings for the manufacturing sector.

Our consulting division is able to review challenging & difficult waste streams with a view to reducing landfill waste and create beneficial and unique solutions.  


We design systems that are customer-specific utilising the best equipment solutions. We are proud to represent the very best of the European Waste Technology companies who offer innovative and profitable solutions to waste products.

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