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Complete Wood Waste
Shredding Solutions

Complete wood waste
shredding solutions

We build wood shredders that stand the test of time.

The HL Wood Shredding Series
The HL-series of single shaft shredders are a reliable and easy to use machine.

The HT wood chipping series
HT-series of drum chippers have been engineered for over 40-years giving it reliability and durability.

The re-shredder series
The Scanhugger HT-series reshredder has been designed with a vertical infeed and a fast-rotating drum.

The hammermill series
The hammer mill, also known as a pulveriser, works on impact grinding.

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Scanhugger Shredders X Recycling Technologies Group

Turn-key solutions by Scanhugger, brought to your door step by one of Australia's leading recycling equipment providers.

Recycling Technologies Group (RTG) has over 25 years of materials handling experience from shredding, briquetting and pelletising to gasification, energy production and more. Our business can custom engineer prodution facilities to suit any size, production capacity or material.

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