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OkoFen Boilers


As one of the leading manufacturers of wood pellet heating systems, ÖkoFEN offers particularly economical and comfortable wood pellet boilers. Especially the "Condens" technology, which is equipped with modern pellet boilers from ÖkoFEN, offering even more efficiency and thus less heating costs.


With a pellet boiler from ÖkoFEN you rely on environmentally and climate-friendly wood pellets.


The perfect wood pellet boiler for your home


ÖkoFEN pellet heating systems are suitable both for the new construction and for the renovation of large and small buildings. From a single family home to large commercial and public buildings, as a specialist for wood pellet boilers, Recycling Technologies Group offers the right solution in the range of 6 - 256 kilowatts for every requirement.

As a system manufacturer, we also offer solar systems and buffer tanks for the use of the free solar energy in combination with a pellet boiler.

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1. Pellet boilers with condensing technology

pellematic_condens_teaser- OkoFen.jpg

The new dimension in pellet condensing technology.

Power ratings: 10 to 18 kW


Pellomatic Maxi Kaskade



Condensing boiler, buffer, heating circuit pumps and solar heater. Ability to be cascaded to one another

Power ratings: up to 512 kW



Compact boiler with buffer, heating circuit pumps and solar heater.

Power ratings: 10 to 18 kW


Pellematic Maxi Condensation

The compact grand scale pellet boiler with high efficiency: 103,8%.

Power ratings: 41 to 64 kW

2. Wood pellet boilers

pellematic_teaser OKoFen.jpg

The powerful pellet boiler for renovation projects and new buildings.

Power ratings: 10 to 32 kW

pellematicmaxi_teaser OKoFen.jpg

The compact pellet boiler for large-scale requirements

Power ratings: 36 to 56 kW

3. Heating system controller and pellet storage solution


Complex technology, simple control


teaser_flexilo-compact okofen.jpg

Plenty of space for wood pellets


4. Solar and Accumulator Technology

pellesol_teaser okofen.jpg

The solar collector for cost-conscious forward thinkers.

pellaqua_teaser okofen.jpg



Increases the efficiency of the heating system.

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