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About Volter

Volter are innovators and pioneers in the development of wood gasification technology, producing electricity from renewable energy. Their innovation enables efficient electricity and heat production using your wood waste and resources. Wood chips are superheated into wood gas, which is a fuel for an internal combustion engine that runs the generator. Heat from the process is recovered and turned into water.

Volter Indoor model

Volter Indoor unit is designed for indoor installation. It is very compact and
especially designed for multiple unit installations on one site. Volter units are test ran at the factory before delivery and delivered as turnkey solutions. Customers attach the heat pipes to the heat grid and electricity cable to the main electrical cabinet on site.



  • Fuel: Wood chips

  • Electric power: 40kW

  • Heating power: 100kW to water, ca. 20kW hot air from housing

  • Measurements: Length 4.8m x Width 1.2m x Height 2.5m. Mass ca. 4.5T]

  • Colour: White/Grey/Green

  • Structure: Steel frame, sheet metal covers with heat and noise insulation

  • Installation: On a concrete base indoors

  • Fuel feeding: External spring agitator and chain conveyor

  • Fuel consumption: ca. 4.5 loose cubic meters/24h

  • Automation: Schneider electric programmable logic. GSM alarms, remote internet control

  • Connection requirements: Electricity cable, heat piping (one in, one out), broadband, GSM connection

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