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MKR Metzger


Innovation Is Only Progress When You Care For The Environment 

Pure. Sustainable. Effective.

AT MKR Metzger GmbH, recycling means complete cleaning and

recycling of used process fluids. There are many advantages in reusing process fluids;

  • Less hazardous waste to dispose of,

  • Reclaim valuable materials,

  • Reduced machine downtime

  • Fewer Purchases 

All these advantages have one common factor: they drastically reduce your costs. 

With MKR cleaning and recycling technology, there is not only considerable cost reductions but a sustainable and active contribution to the protection of the environment. Environmental impact and cost reduction through innovative technologies is the driving force behind MKR Metzger's philosophy.

Impurities such as tramp oil, swarf and micro-organisms drastically reduce functionality within the working of a processing plant. MKR recycling systems separate out these impurities from your medium. Chips, swarf and tramp oil are removed using appropriate filtration, separation and regeneration techniques.

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