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Pellet Boilers


Pellet boilers range in size from 16kW – 32kW for domestic use and up to 250kW for commercial applications.  A pellet boiler can replace an electric hot water system resulting in savings of thousands of dollars in electricity costs over the lifetime of the boiler. 


Pellets are stored in a bulk feed hopper and feed the boiler as required.  Hot water is produced that can be used for hydronic heating, pool heating or potable water. Up to three different water circuits can be heated/boiled.  The boilers feature fully automatic controls and can be programmed to turn on/off according to time or hot water demand. 


Pellets are available in bulk supply through RTG or one of our associated pellet manufacturers.  Recycling Technologies Group distributes OkoFen, EasyPell and Piazzetta boilers. 


All machinery is European designed and manufactured.

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