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Briquette Press (Metal)


Metal waste – or Swarf – often contains valuable cutting oil. A briquette press squeezes the waste metal into a briquette and liberates the cutting oil allowing it to be recovered, filtered and reused.  We have one customer who generates a lot of metal swarf and achieved a return on investment of 33 days!!  And that was just on the savings in cutting oil alone.


Other benefits include reduced storage space for metal waste briquettes, increased revenue from metal scrappies as they can sell briquettes for a higher price because the smelting recovery is higher when using compressed metal briquettes. Resulting in a win all round.

Machines are designed to press both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Machines can be fitted with a lubrication spray system to assist prevention of cold welding when pressing aluminium chips.

Machine capacities range from 50 – 3000kg/hr.

Recycling Technologies Group Timber and Metal Briquette Press Supplier
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