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Complete Wood Waste Shredding Solutions from Scanhugger  


Solutions suitable for joinery waste, timber manufacturing facilities or timber building and manufacturing waste.  Scanhugger equipment allows you to re-engineer your waste product to be used as a biomass fuel, garden mulch, animal bedding or domestic fuel.

Based in Denmark, Scanhugger has more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing machinery related to wood waste reduction and utilization. They are dedicated to
providing solutions that meet the specific requirements of their customers.

The Scanhugger Wood Waste equipment has been installed and serviced in woodworking plants all over the world. Our Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables Scanhugger to build turnkey wood waste utilisation system. They offer hopper shredders, chippers, reshredders, material handling machinery and more.

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