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Pallet Dismantlers


Pass-One Pallet Dismantler


The Pass One Pallet dismantler will completely dismantle a standard Australian pallet in about 45 seconds. The nails are snipped between the top deck boards and bearer and the bottom deck boards and the bearer.  Two counter-rotating and overlapping blades snip the nails close to the boards allowing them to be reused if required.


Our customers typically dismantle between 350 – 400 pallets/day with one person. This results in ultra-low-cost pallet dismantling costs, the minimal mess created (no messy sawdust like bandsaws create) and the whole machine fits in a space 4.1m x 2.5m.  So it doesn’t take up a whole lot of valuable factory space.


The moving deck is hydraulically powered to allow even the toughest pallets to be dismantled. Remote two-handed actuation control means the operator cannot operate the machine unless their hands are clear of moving parts. This is a safety feature designed to minimise the risk of injury.


The machines are built to be heavy duty, high-quality and efficient in all application. In addition to this, the machines are designed and built in our factory in Eden, NSW. Hydraulic valves and pump components are European, and the cylinders and control box are Australian made.


Each machine comes complete with operating instructions and a 12-month warranty on all parts. (except cutting blades which are a consumable item). Features include 5.5kW electric motor, 16 heavy duty deck rollers with heavy-duty bearings, hydraulic cushions in the long hydraulic cylinder to minimise full extension shock load and preserve cylinder life, precision machined cutting blades for accurate cutting and adjustable steel cutting jaws for variable height pallets.


It’s no wonder it is the default machine of choice for Chep and Loscam to recover their old pallet material.

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