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Timber Waste - Timber Manufacturing


Case Study - Launceston Kitchen Centre - Tasmania

Launceston Kitchen Centre manufactures new kitchens, but also remove the old kitchens for customers. They asked us to find a solution to the high
disposal/dumping costs associated with this coupled with joinery offcuts from their new kitchens and the dust from their routing process.

For the solid
waste, we installed an 11kW Scanhugger wood waste shredder system, with an extended feed hopper and a hydraulically controlled hopper lid. The lid is installed with a safety gate switch so that it isolates the main shredder rotor whenever the employees open the lid to put in more material. Initial reports of volume reduction are good and from a safety point, the factory workers now have a central point within the factory to dispose of the solid waste. The chips are taken by the existing dust extraction system to the dust silo.

Equipment: Scanhugger Shredding System
11kW HL 2/7/10 with Hopper Extension
and Hydraulic Lid

Outcomes: Waste volume reduction,
transport cost reduction for waste disposal,
tidier factory, time saved in waste handling
and the option is now available to install a
waste to energy plant to optimise waste recovery.
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