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Paper Waste (Waste - to - Energy)


Grocon Constructions – CBD Sydney, NSW

Grocon engaged Recycling Technologies Group to design, supply and install a paper waste handling system to process paper waste from a multi-story CBD office block.

We supplied a complete system that incorporates a wheelie bin lifter capable of lifting 200 litres. Bins would collect paper waste and empty them into an Erdwich shredder. The specially designed paper shredding machine can easily shred up to 200kg of paper waste/hour. As space is very tight in the basement area the shredded waste is then conveyed horizontally, then vertically then horizontally using PST shaftless screw conveyors. Material is conveyed into the hopper of the RUF briquette machine. 80mm diameter paper briquettes are produced at the rate of 200kg/hour. Briquettes are then conveyed, once again, a distance of 40 metres using shaftless PST conveyors. This job was challenging due to the tight height and space restrictions we had to work around. The whole system is PLC controlled, connected to the BMS and can be remotely monitored. The briquettes will be used as a fuel source in a gasification system that will produce around 170kW electrical energy / hour.

Equipment: Wrightway Bin Tipper, Erdwich M700/1-600 Shredder, RUF 11 1600/80 Briquette Press, PST Shaftless Conveyors x 5.

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