Hardwood pellets made from Australian timbers sourced from local sawmills near our warehouse. These pellets are sold by the pallet load which includes 66 x 15kg bags. Our pellets are made to an extremely high quality and well over the Australian standard. Our pelletising equipment is Italian-made and of incredibly high quality allowing for consistent and quality production which provides longevity to pellet customers. These pellets are suitable for most types of pellet heaters on the market as well as being suitable for kitty little, horse stables and bedding.

Hardwood Pellets (1 tonne)

  • Our hardwood pellets are made to an incredibly high standard in order to create as little ash as possible when it is burnt in your heater. Our pellets are incredibly dense which allows for more energy to be extracted from the pellet and converted into heat for your home. 1 tonne of pellets equates to 66 x 15kg bags. Freight or pickup is available. Our pricing per tonne works out to be $13.60/15kg bag.

  • Freight can be organised when processing your cart or you also have the option to pickup from our warehouse located at 12 Government Road, Eden, NSW